Home Herbal Remedies

There are so many wonderful home herbal remedies available that treat a large assortment of ailments, ranging from infections to the flu. Find out more about sleep apnea devices from Positive Health Wellness – https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/ Some herbal remedies can be purchased over the counter, while others you can make yourself. I have found so many useful home herbal remedies in the book “The Home Made Medicine E-Book.”

Personally I’ve always been a huge fan of making things myself! First, because I know exactly what’s in it, and if I’m going to put something into my body I want to know EXACTLY what it is; second, because it’s fun; and third, because there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you have the skills to create something useful.

So, let’s look at some of the things you’ll find in The Home Made Medicine E-Book. For starters, there are remedies for maintaining oral health and treating oral conditions. There are so many bacteria that infest our mouths, and it’s been shown that people with gum disease and peritonitis from poor dental hygeine are more likely to get heart disease! Not only that, but nobody likes getting fillings, and there are home herbal remedies in this book for preventing tooth decay (great for the kids especially).

Now we’ve been in the mouth, let’s look at the digestive system. There are so many things that can go wrong inside us, and there are almost as many home herbal remedies for dealing with the problems! You will learn how to make a constipation home remedy relief formula, as well as a great fruit and herb laxative that’s both safe and natural, and for problems at the other end of the spectrum, there’s a remedy for relieving diarrhea.

Viruses are particularly nasty, as there’s not a lot we can do about them usually except let the body fight them off. Many people take anti-viral medication which isn’t particularly good for you, and may cause other problems. So how would you like to be able to create natural anti-viral herbal medicines? It’s possible to create a herbal remedy for colds and flu, as well as a cough syrup that really does help reduce pain and coughing without nasty side effects. For those with a fever, there’s even a remedy for reducing fever naturally, meaning again, you won’t have to rely on unnatural pharmaceuticals.

This book even includes an immune system booster which can be used to help prevent all kinds of illness and infection, which is fantastic for both adults and kids.

Not only can home herbal remedies be used for illness, they can also be used for beauty. Acne sufferers can find a fantastic acne treating home herbal remedy. There’s a remedy for both mild acne and much more severe acne. There are also recipes for other skin care products which will keep all skin looking beautiful and healthy without having to resort to creams and lotions full of synthetic chemicals. Other skin care recipes include: a wrinkle reducer cream, an age spot fading cream, a stretch mark cream, and a varicose vein cream, plus more.

Honestly, I could go on for pages here! But I won’t Instead I’ll send you to visit the The Home Made Medicine E-Book where you can find out much more about this ebook. For anyone at all interested in home herbal remedies, I strongly suggest you pick up this handy manual. There are recipes for treating over three hundred illnesses and conditions. It’s one of the most comprehensive resources I’ve ever used, and I give it my wholehearted approval!