Choosing The Kind of Forex Transation Currency is Very Important

With the similarity of the futures market, foreign ordinary investors to participate in foreign currency transactions, most of them the way the use of margin trading. Be different from firm Låna 15000 offer transactions,it can use the smallest margin of funds to maximize the amount of profit, of course, with increased risk.

Choose what kind of currency to trade,it plays a vital role in the success or failure. Some of the losses incurred by investors,they often think it was because of their wrong judgement, in fact, maybe due to the currency is not suitable.

At present, the Forex currency trading market is divided into two types of direct plate and cross plate. The direct disk refers to the currencies against the dollar, such as the U.S. dollar against Japanese yen, pound sterling against the dollar and so on; cross plate refers to non-dollar currencies, such as the pound against the yen, the euro against the yen and so on. Different currencies pairs, the trend is different, the way of operations are also different. Next, we combine practical experience, talk about the experience of operation of the currency. Directly after, according to the habit can be divided into the European monetary and non-European currency, the trend of these two types of currencies are different.

In non-European currency trading, many investors will choose the U.S. dollar against Japanese yen, due to a large extent, with the yen have easier access to all kinds of information relevant. However, I believe that when the U.S. dollar against the yen below 120, the value of the operation is small, the reason for this is that the Japanese government intervention in forex markets.Because they do not know the size of the intervention. Therefore,if there are other alternatives , not necessarily to do the Japanese yen. On behalf of the European currency is the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc, the euro against the dollar and sterling against the dollar. In such currencies as a result of the operation is relatively easy, as long as make the efforts,they have more opportunity to profit than other currencies.

The U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc is the most law in the trend of currency. In other words, relative to other currencies, K-line theory and the form of technical analysis of existing theory in the analysis means are very effective when analyse the movements of francs. But the point the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc is relatively small, relatively large fluctuations, stop-loss points to a large number of release. Therefore, I suggested that when there is profit, and have the affordability of a stronger psychological, to consider participation in the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc transactions.

The trend of the euro is also regular, less intervention, the use of technical analysis tools make it easier to judge, but can also refer to U.S. dollars,Swiss francs trend. The larger point of the value of the euro, Swiss franc relative volatility is relatively small and can easily set up stop-loss point.

In general,the trend of the pound against the dollar is similar to the euro, but because of smaller amount of money and relatively large fluctuations, set stop loss will be more difficult. However, once the direction is right,the profit is more than other currencies. Investors should have accumulated some experience and then began to pound against the U.S. dollar transactions.